Thursday, August 9, 2012

Google India MD’s predictions @ NASSCOM Emerge out Delhi

Google India MD’s predictions @ NASSCOM Emerge out Delhi

Hi All – me just back from Delhi NASSCOM Emerge out conclave and had a wonderful experience!! What an event and thank god I chose to attend. The opening key notes from Aditya Ghosh CEO of Indigoair and by Venky Mysore President of KKR (yup the same IPL KKR J)  was just amazing and inspiring but I am not going to cover that in this blog J BTW  had an opportunity to interact with them at the speaker lounge as I happened to be one of the volunteers of NASSCOM  and for the event!!
But will cover the predictions Google India MD (Rajan Anandan) made during the closing key note session in the same event. I believe that is probably the same thing. Here are what he believes are the next billion $ opportunity for Indian SMEs!!!! J J
1   1.   Mobility – any work that is in Mobile space is surely attractive as the growth and the penetration has been exponential

     2.   Voice recognition – he believes that typing is a passé  and especially in India with so many rural subscribers and illiteracy and more so in English, voice recognition and applications around it will make it huge

    3.   Video – any applications dealing with Video will be big especially today almost 60% is traffic and will soon become 90% of all traffic will be video and all web sites will be soon video (who wants to read text today)

   4.   Bandwidth – he says that bandwidth will never increase (irrespective of whatever telco guys say) and anything to save bandwidth space, analytics around it and especially if you can deliver video at high quality in low bandwidth will be super great!! He also said that with the addition of another 100m indian users onto internet in next 1 to 2 years, he says that all bandwidth will choke and he is very confident that in his lifetime bandwidth will NOT be enough in India (and he says this is true even in New york today)

   5.   Social – any apps trying to take advantage of Social to reinvent the way of doing things

   6.   SMB – those applications that are targeted towards SMBs as there are 100m SMBs that were never on interent and will soon be present on internet and they need IT which never once needed.

     I sincerely hope he is right as we are really playing and focusing in the Bandwidth and Analytics space (4th one mentioned above) and of course we are targeting the new SMBs who are stepping into internet Era :-) and hope he predicted the truth J

  Manju @ i7 Networks!!

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