Sunday, June 17, 2012

Run bullock carts and slow moving heavy trucks in all lanes

Run bullock carts and slow moving heavy trucks in all lanes- what happens???

Been away from blog for quite a while which pretty much dictates how busy I got of lately and my recent US trip for a week, another week of preparation and another week of cool off :-)

I always find that a week of US trip takes away 4 weeks of your time considering all the preparations, travel, jet lag and reverse jet lag etc. of course unless you are visiting via a MNC where I guess more of a useless jolly trip J More on that someday in future if I ever get to write a book :-)

Had a very eventful trip and I am more thrilled about the fact that the problem we are solving in i7 Networks has far more impact than I thought and can rock in the years to come.

Anyways the biggest concern I had when I met many indian CIOs and network managers were that “bandwidth is cheap” or you know firewall companies are also doing DPI etc and somehow my instint told me that is not the case but always good to find out why or why not.

Been to US to meet potential investors, advisers, senior architects in this domain and overall understanding of the bigger picture of what I am trying to do. All meetings went very well and somehow everyone has more confidence in me succeeding that I have on myself – which is a great feeling. I came back home atleast 2 feet taller :-)

Ho I forgot the title :-) When I posed the bandwidth is getting cheaper concern to all before they would bring that topic, all told only one thing, assume you have a super highway of many lanes and you think you really don’t need a traffic analyzer or a manager. Think again, you will have lots of bullock carts and heavy slow moving trucks all over the lanes – do you still get the performance you need for the cars (or say business critical applications)? I think I got the answer :-) I am assuming you got the answer too!!!! :-) It is so funny when most critical issues can easily find solutions when you compare to daily life situations.

Forgot did not address other two issues – always increasing bandwidth is not the solution, bandwidth might be cheap (relatively speaking) but upgrading beyond a point will make the whole infrastructure incompatible and needs to be upgraded and it costs much more than the bandwidth cost. 

BTW firewall companies jumping into DPI bandwagon – this was a easy one as one of the top network security company ex-CEO told me that if they jump into DPI or even Wan op, there are people and companies waiting to kill them on their core focus bastion and things are changing so much technology or market that it is tough to hold forte on your focus area forget straying – I would rather partner and I close my case here.

See you all next time!!!!

Manjunath M Gowda (Manju)
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